Sunday, 5 May 2013

Reply to accusations,

I write this knowing that only a tiny percentage of people who watched DA's video are actually going to read this. He also knows whatever reply I make I can never reach the amount of people he can and so this meme he has created will live on despite whatever I do to respond.

The 'dooyeweerd' account was indeed an account I set up many years ago now when I first came to YT. I set that account up along with 'soctratesforthewin', 'aikidocrazy' and 'CartesianTheist'. At that time myself and a couple of other friends had a female friend on YT who was being seriously harassed by a group of bullies. In order to defend this person we shared all four of these accounts as well as some of their own. That was a mistake especially because it had been shared with one person I did not know so well. I did not look after those channels closely enough because I did not view them as merely my own in those days and keep tabs on what was being said by others on it and it was my responsibility to have done so. In that I clearly failed but I did not write the sexually explicit or racist comments/insults DA is suggesting I did.

Many of the comments in DA's current video I had not even seen before and if I could get into the dooyeweerd account now I would certainly close it down. Unfortunately I cannot and have lost touch with the people who could. I will certainly attempt to do so again.

I most certainly did not stalk the woman DA is accusing me of stalking and have no idea what that is about. Never did I attempt to contact her in person or any of her family (which is why it's only asserted without evidence).

It is actually ironic that DarkAntics makes claims that I tried to doc drop his name because when everything kicked off with him the first time I actually had people offering to do this for me and I asked them not to in the strongest terms possible. Someone even made a video revealing where he lived but I contacted the person and convinced them to take it down. I can also state quite categorically that I have never tried to hack any account of his (which would explain why there was no evidence offered for this and only a bare-faced assertion instead). The ironic thing is that his You Tube friend MeridianFrost has doc dropped DarkMatter already without being aware he has done so! Even DarkMatter himself has dropped his own docs to everyone since if you play two videos of his side by side you can find out who he is and where he lives! He has already let everyone know who he is by appearing on camera and taking pictures of his own house and riding a bike around his local neighbourhood. How he thinks he has kept his identity hidden... goodness only knows.  

It is with further irony that I have plenty of evidence of DarkAntics trying to intimidate and bully me using my personal docs. I have never used any of it, however, since the police in the UK have asked me not to but they currently hold evidence of DA contacting people in my real life and some of his followers from Facebook and YT making threats and attempting bribery aimed at myself and my family. Since I have no interest in trying to discredit him or them on a personal level I will not be releasing any of it.

People I talk with on YT know that I have been thinking of leaving YT for some months now and this has confirmed to me that I ought to. There is no reasoning with unreasonable people. Despite having made my position extremely clear on the recent discussions on Deuteronomy, my position is still constantly being misrepresented. To continue talking with people who have no interest in your actual position but who wish to strawman you constantly is both tiresome and worthless. The vast majority of people on YT are not actually interested in the God debate but only in their popularity and the vast majority simply don't know the subject well enough to say anything worthy of listening to.

Having said that, I would like to thank the many atheist and theists friends I made whilst on YT.

PS. In reply to why I would close my YT account there are numerous reasons:

1. I think it fair to do so given the comments made by others on channels I helped set up and as some small token of apology to those who received such comments.

2. I am bored of being misrepresented on YT. It's tiresome.

3. DarkMatter has proven in the past that he will make threats which involve doc dropping personal information of my own and my family and friends and has certainly implied he will again. Last year he released my personal docs to a few of his friends and they used this information to do some particularly pernicious things such as threaten the safety of my children. Of course, DM accepts no responsibility for the actions of these friends of his and I doubt he even knows, or wants to know, exactly what they did. That way he thinks he can absolve himself of any responsibility.

Questions you might like to ask yourself:

1. If DM was so concerned about the comments he now shows why didn't he approach me about them 12-18 months ago when he took the screenshots (because that's how old they are)?

2. Why wait 12-18 months before releasing such information? If the crimes of bullying were really his sole concern and as heinous as he now implies then why would he sit on them for that long? Who has information like that and sits on it for that long doing nothing? Many of them are actually over two years old now.

3. Why was it released just after he was demonstrably shown to be misrepresenting my views (and the very same month my account got more views than his)?

4. Why did he fail to correct his misrepresentation of me when corrected?

5. If I really wrote those comments (and therefore knew of their existence) and already left YT due to being threatened by DM why on earth would I come back as a channel which could be directly and obviously connected to them? I could have easily set up an account which was completely anonymous and unconnected to the previous 'CartesianTheist' one.

6. If I was really stalking people offline why was this not reported to the appropriate authorities since this would be a serious crime worthy of reporting?

7. You might also like to listen to a comment made by DarkMatter about me at the end of this 'Lying Ghost Show':

"Had Cartesian been okay with me being on the same show as him I would have remained completely civil. I'm not going to attack him or anything like that..."

This was only back in January 2013. Several of the atheists on that show suggest to him that the conflicts of the past can be just left in the past and he says nothing of his real intentions. Why does DM not make it clear he won't be debating with a "scumbag bully" then? What changed between January 2013 and May 2013? The only real interaction we had in that time was his deliberate misrepresentation of my position on rape and my exposing him for lying about me (which, to this day, he is happy to continue to do it should be noted). The truth is nothing had changed. DM was using these atheists for his own means and lying to them about his intentions of such a 'discussion' for his own ends.  

8. Why could DM not admit he got my position on rape wrong and retract such a 'drama'-seeking video? Playing such an obvious ad hominem card reveals just how shallow and pathetic his academic responses are. Ironically DM is the one who has said that there are "no moral absolutes" and so that means he is the one who must think there are acceptable scenarios for rape (unlike my own position since I stated unambiguously that there is absolutely no acceptable scenario where rape could be deemed morally acceptable prior to his rather stupid contention otherwise). Even after being corrected he still could not admit his error. Pathetic. It demonstrates the desperation of the man.

9. Why choose drama / ad hominem attacks? From the 'hero' of 'dramagate' no less! (Although clearly some atheists have spotted his inconsistencies now.)

10. Why could he not refute any of my arguments? Like.... ever?!

Anyway... I think these are worthy of a little reflection and then I invite you to do what I intend to do. Move on... You have to know when something (someone) is not worth it.

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